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Why Choose Us?

TEK is comprised of a people centric passionate group who care about their communities and the businesses within them. We strive to bring opportunities together that benefit both the student and the business community within our region. With the mind set of being all about the people of our area TEK will continue to seek out the need of the employers in Eastern Kentucky and make every effort to provide the necessary training to interested individuals to fulfill the needs of the businesses here. 


TEK offers industry developed training that includes hands on exercises in conjunction with classroom instruction. This means that no matter what career path you choose the curriculum that you will be studying was developed by a group of individuals who are experienced in that very trade.


If you train at TEK you will have hands on training that gives you the confidence to take hold of the job and apply those skills from day to day with the knowledge gained from performance of the tasks during your time with TEK. 


TEK courses are all fast-paced industry developed courses and are completed within a 12 month timeframe. 


Obtaining a certification with TEK is accomplished with focused content delivered by certified industry instructors. Each course is comprised of only trade related content. 

Our Team

TEK team members are an eclectic group of individuals with various backgrounds and different walks of life sharing one vision to make a change and bring hope to the students each and every day. 

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Angie is an East Kentucky native living in Floyd County and has been in the human resources field for 14 years where she has worked to cultivate an innovative forward driven workforce. She believes that training is the foundation of success and investment in the youth of the local areas will drive continuity and growth for organizations as well as the communities in which we live & operate.


Angie has developed and implemented new approaches to on boarding as well as a state-of-the-art innovative approach to training for those in the skilled trades workforce which also allowed for the development of a training center and a partnership with local schools.

Angie holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Ashford University. A Bachelor Degree in Social Science also from Ashford University, a professional OSHA safety certification and is a master trainer with the National Center for Construction Education and Research as well as a certified instructor.

Jerry Fultz.jpeg
Jerry Fultz
Board Vice Chair

Jerry has served Floyd County, Kentucky as an educator and community leader for over 32 years. He has been involved with his hometown of Wayland, Ky in different capacities since 1984. Jerry founded the Wayland Historical Society and the Mountain Sports Hall of Fame and has been the mayor of Wayland, Ky since 2010. Jerry has dedicated his life to serving others in his community and has a strong record of mentoring youth and adults alike. His leadership has always been an integral part of the lives of those close to him.

Gina Rose Hi Res.jpg
Gina Rose
Board Chair

Gina is an entrepreneur, whose business, Shirt Gallery LLC, is based in Floyd County, in East Kentucky, where she has lived and worked nearly her entire life. While growing her business, from its inception in 1984, she has developed a unique understanding of the potential of the region.

In 2016, following the passing of her husband, she founded the Kent Rose Foundation to continue their shared mission of inspiring and encouraging youth.

Gina believes in our area and maintains a civic minded approach in all of her endeavors.

Cliff Latta HR.jpg
Cliff Latta
Board Member

Cliff is an Independent Consultant  born and raised in Eastern Kentucky.  His career as a Professional Civil Engineer leaned heavily towards the construction side but he has spent many years as a consulting engineer as well. More recently, and in addition to his work as an engineer, Cliff has involved himself with both individuals and non-profit organizations in their pursuit of projects that share a common goal: The betterment of our region. Cliff has a passion for current day Appalachia and his experiences as a both a native and an engineer, helps to provide a unique perspective on many fronts.

Angelina Reynolds
President, Founder/CEO
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