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Certified Skilled Trades Training

TEK began as a dream of one person from Eastern Kentucky with a passion for those communities and their citizens. The dream was to provide a viable path to a sustainable career, with Skilled trades training that would meet the industry needs of multiple employers within the region.

Through conversations with local community members the outline for TEK was developed and work began to gather partner interest and necessary research completed for industry employment demand projections.

TEK is a 501c3 non profit proprietary school located in eastern Kentucky. Established July of 2021, TEK provides industry developed skilled trades training to meet the ever growing demands of the trades workforce in our region.


Our fast tracked skill focused training will provide a nationally accredited industry recognized certification upon completion of the training courses. All courses take less than one year to complete.

Our Services

Our Trade Courses

Our catalog of trade course offerings is always expanding. Learn more about each of our specialty programs below

Heavy Equipment Operation

Earth moving, road and bridge building, machinery operation. Do these topics interest you? Heavy Equipment Operators (HEO) work on regular construction and building jobs as well as roads, bridges, mining, and timber removal operations. This course will provide you with the necessary skills for any project that removes earth or demands moving and transporting heavy materials. 


Wire installation, electrical components, circuit breaker panels, light fixtures, switches, and blueprints are all part of this career field.  This course will provide the necessary skills to prepare you for the journeyman electrician test. 

Maintenance Mechanic

This type of mechanic is needed in every industry that uses machinery. Manufacturing, power plants, assembly plants all utilize industrial maintenance mechanics to install, dismantle, repair, and maintain equipment within their operations. This course will provide the necessary skills training to meet the ever-growing demand for this career field. 


Plumbers install, repair, and maintain many different types of pipe systems within public, commercial and residential buildings. Pipe systems are used in manufacturing and power plants as well as draining systems within in roadways. This course will provide the necessary skills training to prepare you for a plumbing and pipe career within any of these industries.

Coming Soon

This is one of the oldest crafts in the construction industry and has been in existence for thousands of years. Stone buildings, sidewalks, curbing, brick structures and much more all use masons. One of the most well known of all stone buildings are the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt. This training will provide the necessary skills to prepare you for a career in in this industry.

Coming Soon

Carpenters make up the largest building trades occupation. Carpenters are used on residential, commercial, and industrial projects for everything from structure building and form building. They will build, repair, and install fixtures made from wood. This training will provide the necessary skills to being your career whether it is building bridges or structures, installing wood fixtures, or building a home or office from start to finish. 


"As a senior in high school, I am excited to see this training offered in my hometown. I want to go to a trade school after graduation and now with TEK Center I have the wonderful opportunity to pursue my dreams. I will be able to stay close to home instead of having to move away from here. This certification is exactly the type of training that I want."

Johnny Poe, Senior Class of 2023 Prestonsburg, KY

Fixing a Pipe

Ready to find out more?

Do these careers sound interesting to you? Are you ready to obtain a skill set that will equip you with the skills needed for a rewarding career? To learn more about TEK and what we offer request a consultation with us today.  We are available to discuss each with you. 

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